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Juvenile Republicans

Eugene Robinson of the WA Post sys, "What we don't need is the steady diet of obstruction, diversion, and gamesmanship that Republicans are trying to ram down the nation's throat."  Read it all

Eugene Robinson - WA Post 05/31/13

Eugene Robinson criticicises the GOP for their chidish behvior.  They should act adult.  Read it here.

Columbian oped on bridges failing

  A Fallen I-5 Bridge - Tragedy, Omen, Call to Action!

If an I-5 bridge falls into the Skagit River, can the legislators in Olympia hear the splash on the CRC Bridge Project.  Let's hope so!  The Columbian hopes so - Read Sundays editorial

John Laird peels back the Benton evil

He (Benton) is worse than we may have thought.  Read The Columbian Sunday piece

WA needs revenue - Remy Trupin

Read the Columbian guest editorial from Remy Trupin - Exec Dir of the Seattle-based Washington State Budget & Policy Center.  He makes the case to the overtime legislators to fund education, and social services, via revenue increases.  Read editorial.

We need to retrain our eating habits for health

This column from the Columbian is by Bill Victor who has designed several fitness programs.  He reviews succinctly our need to eat differently than we do, for our improved health.  Check it out


John Laird, The Columbian, clarifies CRC and 'socialism'

"Since Republicans castigate the Hilton Vancouver Washington as a repulsive monument to government waste - why did they hold their convention there?" 

Don't miss the responses to use against CRC detractors, and the socialism we all take for granted. - Link 04/08

Paul Krugman - NY Times

States of Depression:  Infrastructure spending at the state level would lift economy -

"The economic news is looking better lately. But after previous false starts — remember “green shoots”? — it would be foolish to assume that all is well. And in any case, it’s still a very slow economic recovery by historical standards."

Link to rest of article

John Laird of The Columbian

"Dallas rip-offs, Gregoire's plans, and a February flop" is the title of John Laird's Sunday column.  He offers some sideways glances at topical & political issues.  Link 02/26

CRC OpEd by Paula Hammond - WA State secretary of Transportation

   A composite truss deck bridge is the chosen alternative for the Columbia River Crossing.

'4 Key reasons why CRC needs to Move ahead':  Safety, Economic Strength, a Better Trip, and a Vibrant Community.  She sees up to 6500 permanent regional jobs lost if we don't get started.  She talks about financing positively.  - Link 01/29


Herrera not endorsing CRC

Current 3rd CD Congresswoman Herrera Beutler reportedly "remains unsold on the Columbia River Crossing".  Read the story - Link 01/17

Recent Great 'Letters to the Editor'

James Smith says 'Sheesh' to County Commissioners - Link 05/09

Linda Tubbs rips Madore - Link 04/30

Jackie Lane wants real responsibility in women's health - Link 02/26

Steve Engard wants bridge built - Link 02/26

Liz Campbell is fired up over contraception issues - Link 02/24

Scott Seawell Sees US infrastructure monies went to "trumped-up wars" - Link 02/22

JoHanna Joy is excited about the advantages of light rail - Link 02/21

Lynn Krogseng questions aspects of Herrera's Transportation bill - Link 02/21

Tim Leavitt clarifies facts on CRC project - Link 02/19

Jon Luckenbaugh notes other countries do better with taxes - Link 02/18

Dan Andruss finds health care is improving - Link 02/18

Paul Knight says light rail is a must for the future: "Think big, people" - Link 02/15

Pete Aller says Herrera wrong to threaten CRC setback - Link 02/14

CRC - Build that Bridge!

Has anybody figured out what is with Madore and his overblown negativity about the Columbia River Crossing?  No one has advanced a legitimate reason for his anti-bridge stance.  It all appears to be a megalomaniacal power trip for him.  He revealed much of his motivation at the State of the County speech where he displayed himself as the stereotypical Californian transplant  - he got his acerage, now no one elses is allowed.

He says he wants a bridge at 192nd Ave, but that red herring is not valid because Oregon says it's unacceptable to tie into I-84, and a bridge there does not connect to I-5 directly.  In the meantime, SW Washington broods and waits for their bridge.

Fact:  Building the CRC will bring dollars to the Vancouver region in sales of food, gas, clothing, entertainment, etc to the tune of $1 billion during the project.

Fact:  Vancouver gets a new bridge with mass transit, traffic relief, and business incentive, for a Washington state infusion of $450 million  - on a $3.5 billion dollar bridge!  A very decent investment.

Fact:  Paula Hammond - outgoing WA State Transportation Secretary - has predicted if the Bridge isn't built soon, businesses will move away from SW WA to facilitate their transportation needs for people, raw materials, and finished products.

This Bridge is not a 'Vancouver' or 'WA' bridge or just a Portland/Vancouver Metro area bridge.  It is part of the international link from Mexico to Canada, with Washington State being one of the great benefactors.  People in DC hear the anti-bridge rumblings from Clark County and shake their heads in dismay.

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