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Clark County Democrats vote PRIDEMORE

The vote was held and Craig Pridemore was the overwhelming 1st choice for the replacement of Steve Stuart on the Commissioners Board.  Kellly Love Parker won a majority on the first vote for second choice and Ed Barnes easily won third choice

The names will be delivered to the Clark County Commissioners Madore and Mielke for them to make a final choice.  There is a precedent for them to choose our top choice.  Steve will be leaving office on April 11 and the list will be submitted to Madore and Mielke at that time.  They will have 60 days to decide.  If they fail to do so, then Governor Inslee gets to pick.  Candidate filing begins May 05 and ends May 11.


The Clark County Democrats Executive Committee met Monday, March 17th to set the schedule and process for replacing County Commissioner Steve Stuart who is resigning to accept a position as Ridgefield City Manager.

The process as defined by Washington state law allows the central committee of the party held by the resigning county official (Stuart is a Democrat) to submit a list of three names in order of preference to the remaining county commissioners who have 60 days to select a replacement from the list or the Governor will step in and make the appointment.

Although the remaining commissioners are not required to select the highest ranked candidate, it has been a long held tradition that regardless of party affiliation (in this case, the two sitting commissioners are both Republicans), the commission appoints the highest ranked choice.  Reasoning includes that when the "shoe is on the other foot", and two Democrats are sitting on the board, that they would accept the local GOP party's top ranked selection. It's both good form and good politics. Two special sessions of the Clark County Democratic Central Committee have been called, for this Friday and next Friday, 7 p.m. at the Labor Center, 2212 Andresen Road. The business of selecting three candidates for Commissioner Steve Stuart's position will be the only item of business at the two meetings.

FORUM.  At the first, candidates will be afforded opportunities to make their cases and answer questions from the Democratic precinct committee officers. Three candidates have been identified, but others may announce their intentions at this meeting.  The Forum is Friday March 21 at 7:00 PM at the Labor?Teamsters Hall on Andresen Road

VOTE.  At the second meeting there will be another opportunity for candidates to speak and answer questions. Then the assembled precinct committee officers will vote to select three candidates and to rank them in order of preference. The resulting list will be delivered to the Board of Clark County Commissioners upon Stuart's leaving his position.  The voting meeting is Friday March 28 at 7:00 PM at the Teamsters/Labor Hall on Andresen Rd.  All PCO's should plan to attend this meeting and vote.  Voting PCO's include elected PCO's, and appointed PCO's in office over 90 days.


Bob Dingethal Kicks Off Run for Congress

Bob Dingethal

WE ATTENDED THE Bob Dingethal for Congress Kickoff
Sun Jan 26, Inferno Fitmess, 2:00 PM-5PM and the event was GREAT

Lots of people and contributions and the food was great, too.  Bob was huge, hitting all the right notes.
[Catered by Bubba Blues BBQ]

Send donation checks to:

Bob For Congress
PO Box 668
Vancouver, WA 98666


Learn more about Bob at or

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December 9th, 2013

Bob Dingethal Declares Candidacy for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District

Ridgefield – Businessman and non-profit leader, Bob Dingethal, announced his candidacy today for Congress in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

“The people of Southwest Washington deserve representation in Congress, leadership that works together and actively seeks solutions to our common problems.” said Dingethal. “Our Congress is dysfunctional.  It’s time to put aside the partisan in-fighting that has caused the problems of struggling families to be ignored.  The people need someone who will listen and work as hard as they do.”

Dingethal, who has announced as a Democrat, is currently the Executive Director of the Gifford Pinchot Task Force, a nonprofit organization that protects and restores the national forest around Mount St. Helens and Mt. Adams.  A former Outreach Director for Senator Maria Cantwell in Southwest Washington, Dingethal was also an executive in the telecommunications industry for twenty years and has owned several small businesses in the region.

“I’m looking forward to meeting thousands of people face to face across the district in the coming months.  I want to hear their concerns and ideas.  We need to open the conversation to everyone.  There are currently a lot of people who feel their voices are not being heard over the power of special interests in D.C.” said Dingethal.  He added that if elected he would immediately re-open public town hall meetings throughout the district.  “People have a right to voice their opinions even if they are angry with the state of politics in America.  I won’t always agree with everyone, but I pledge to always listen, try
to find answers, and work together with all of the people of the 3rd District” said Dingethal.

Dingethal said economic innovation will be a key issue in the campaign.  “In my business career I was part of a leadership team that took a small telecom company to over 700 employees.  We can foster innovation in the hi-tech and other industries here in Southwest Washington, and create economic and job training opportunities.  I think my 35 years of experience in business, non-profit and public policy gives me a unique insight into solving problems that our current representation does not have.”

Dingethal has been actively involved in community service, working with the Vancouver Police Activities League, the Chkalov Society, the Joy Team and Dream Big Community Center. He has also served as chair of the Vancouver-Clark County Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and on the board of the Clark County Historical Society and Museum.  He lives in Ridgefield with his wife Dona and his two grown sons, Max and Sam.

Kelly Love Parker Seeks Appointment to Stuart Seat


            Kelly Love Parker

The Director of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, Kelly Love Parker, is also seeking to be appointed to the Clark County Commissioners seat being vacated by Steve Stuart.  Kelly previously was the District Director for Congessman Brian Baird.  Before that she had a lenghty carreer in TV news reporting particularly at KGW-TV. 

Kelly is on record as saying Craig Pridemore is the best person for the job and that she supports Craig Pridmore.

The process is for the Clark County Democratic PCO's to select 3 candidates for the appointment in order of preference.  This will likely be done immediately after Steve Stuart's departure on April 11.  The final choice from the list of 3 will be made by the remaining Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke.  They can pick any one of the three, but morally they are expected to choose the PCO's number 1 choice.  The Commissioners have 60 days to choose, after which the choice goes to Gov Jay Inslee.

More Info: Link to

Craig Pridemore Seeks Stuart Vacancy on Commissioners


                                                                        Craig Pridemore

Craig Pridemore is a much-loved past 49th LD Senator and Clark County Commissioner.  His background currently permits him work as financial director of the Licensing Department in Olympia. The press release issued Fri 03/14/14 explains it all:


* * * *    F O R     I M M E D I A T E    R E L E A S E    * * * * *


Date:  March 14, 2014

For more information:  Craig Pridemore, (360) 904-0839

Pridemore to seek Stuart seat

Former state senator and Clark County commissioner Craig Pridemore has announced that he will seek appointment to the seat on the board of county commissioners being vacated by Steve Stuart.

Pridemore, 53, said the situation in Clark County government today requires experience and a thorough knowledge of the laws, rules and finances necessary to maintain an effective and efficient government.

“My top priority will be transparent and inclusive governance for the citizens of Clark County,” Pridemore said.  “It’s equally critical that the board have a strong and knowledgeable voice on public finance.  I’m very concerned about the state of the county’s criminal justice system and its ability to keep our community safe in the future.”

Pridemore served as Democratic state senator from the 49th legislative district from 2005 to 2012.  Prior to that, he represented the third commissioner district from 1999 to 2004, the seat he is seeking to return to.  He left the legislature in 2012 to pursue an unsuccessful bid for Washington State Auditor.

Pridemore served as finance manager for the Clark County Department of Public Works from 1992 to 1998.  He chaired Home Rule Clark County in 1996-97.  He has been employed as Chief Financial Officer for the Washington State Department of Licensing since March 2013. 

Pridemore has lived in the Truman neighborhood just outside Vancouver city limits since 1996.  For his job, he has maintained an apartment in Olympia during the workweek and commutes home on weekends and holidays.  “My home has always been in Clark County,” Pridemore said.  Pridemore grew up in Washougal, Camas and Vancouver.  He is a graduate of the University of Washington and a veteran of the US Army.

“Returning to politics is not something I thought I would ever do,” Pridemore said.  “I’m happy with my current life and love my job and co-workers.  These are unusual times, however, and I think we all have a duty to do our best to ensure a positive and productive future for our community.  I believe I bring qualifications to the job that few citizens in the district can.”

“This will be an effort and campaign based on qualifications, not ideology,” Pridemore said.  “I believe this community needs less name calling and a great deal more serious discussion about the future we will all share.  I believe I have those qualifications and the maturity and judgment to be an effective voice on the Board of County Commissioners from the first day on the job.”




Temple Lentz Seeks Stuart Seat

           TEMPLE LENTZ

Temple Lentz is also seeking the appointment to the seat being vacated by Commissioner Steve Stuart when he leaves the Clark County Board for the City Manager job in Ridgefield on April 11.  Temple is currently the communications director for a nurses union in Portland.  She also authors the "The (Not Quite) Daily Couve" which pokes hard at Commissioner David Madore and his foolishness, in particular.




New Dems Offices.

--- NEW permanent County Democrats Location ---
Starting in February, the Clark County Democratic Central Committee
will operate out of an office suite on the lower level of the
Orchards Business Center.
The address is 10621 NE Coxley Drive,
Rooms 101 and 102.
Many meetings and trainings will be held in the new Coxley Drive office.  However, the large CCDCC monthly meeting on 2nd Mondays will continue at the Teamsters Hall on Andresen Road.
County campaign offices as well as various
candidates’ operations have used space in the complex several times
over the past decade. The 2008 campaign office was right next door
in suite 103.



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Soon, typing ‘BlueDonkeys’ will take you there, but in the interim see the new site by going to :

Clark County Democarts Convention 2014

The combined Clark County Democrats Convention and Legislative District Caucuses will be held on Sat April 12 2014 at Fort Vancouver High School.  Doors open at 8:00 AM, convention convenes at 9:00 AM, LD Caucuses will be about 11:15 AM.

The outcome will be resolutions to be submitted to the State Democrats for consideration at the State Democrats Convention in Spokane. 

Similarly, delegates from each LD (17, 18, & 49) will be chosen at the LD caucuses.





In case you were wondering...

Here's a little primer on SOCIAL SECURITY and your right to it.  It's not an entitlement.  This is a searing column from Malcom Berko who is published in the Columbian regularly.  With the current flap on federal budgets and the possible cut to Social Security, it's important to uphold Social Security benefits as our earned money and not en 'entitlement'.  Enjoy the Berko column

Your PCO's for 2013-14!

As of 08/13/13


Local Party Elections

The CCDCC Officers for 2013-2014 are:

Chair - Mike Heywood
Vice Chair - Liz Campbell
Secretary - Jamie Hurly
Treasurer - Tom Lineham
State Committeeman - Jay Renaud
State CommitteeWoman - Jane Buchanan Banks

Additional Executive Board members:

17th LD Chair: - Dena Horton
18th LD Chair - Candy Bonneville
49th LD Chair -  Cath
erine Rich
3rd CD Rep -  Marsha Manning
DNC Rep -  Ed Cote
Newsletter Editor -  Mike Heywood
Outreach Coordinator - Hanna Perez
PCO Coordinator - Tom Lineham
Volunteer Coordinator - Jay Renaud
At-Large - Gail Pollock
At-Large - Tim Probst

The 49th Legislative District Officers are:

Chair - Catherine Rich
Vice Chair - Andrew Cleveland
Treasurer - Marian Bryce
Secty - Roy Blodgette
State Committeeman - Noland Hashino
State Committeewoman - Kathy Lawrence

At-Large - Roben White
Volunteer Coord/PCO Coord - Vicki Work

The 18th Legislative District Officers are:

Chair - Candy Bonneville
Vice Chair - Rich Rogers
Secretary - John Meuller (Temporary to Mar)
Treasurer - Doris Holmes
State Committeeman - Dave Shehorn
State Committeewoman - Liz Campbell

The 17th Legislative District Officers are:

Chair - Dena Horton
Vice Chair - Robert Chu
Secretary - Tanisha Harris
Treasurer - Lorretta Thomas
State Committeeman - Gary Akizuki
State Committeewoman - Marsha Manning

Summary of disingenuous legislators

Divisive Republican lawmakers ditched the Columbian River Crossing (CRC) project at the end of the legislative session.  That was a Saturday.  On Monday, they started calling for a new committee and a new I-5 bridge.  They're still at it and writing letters to the Federal DOT calling for action.  In a recent letter to the Columbian (Lawrence R. Custer 07/26/13), the hypocrisy is well summarized, below:

"Regarding the July 21 editorial "Better Bridge? Game On!: Local lawmakers call for new action on the Columbia River's old problem," state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, was instrumental in killing the proposed Columbia River Crossing. He was aided by fellow Republicans U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, state Sen. Ann Rivers and some other local politicians with narrow and short-sighted vision. And theirs wasn't a "decisive victory," it was a very narrow one.

They have knowingly and willfully dealt a serious blow to the regional economy of the Vancouver-Portland area, assured the continued traffic bottleneck on a major artery of West Coast travel and commerce, extended the risk of an earthquake cutting that artery, and assured an ultimately much higher price tag for the solution. Their actions were irresponsible and show contempt for the common good of Clark County.

Now, they are pretending to be concerned about the needs of the region by sending a letter to the state Department of Transportation urging action. They have lost all credibility on this issue and hardly deserve a "seat at the table." Let's put some positive people with bigger vision at the table. We have heard more than enough from the naysayers."




New State Party Chair Elected

Wayne Hagen's photo.

Chair Jaxon Ravens & Vice-Chair Valerie Rongey

At the WA State Democrats Meeting held 02/10/14 in Vancouver, Jaxon Ravens was elected chair of the state party.  His election permits the much appreciated Valerie Rongey to stay on as Vice Chair and representative to the DNC.  All good news. 

Jaxon Ravens replaces Dwight Pelz who recently retired.  Jaxon has been with the State Party staff for 11 years; much of that time as Executive Director. 




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